Adult Detention Center

The McKinley County Adult Detention Center (MCADC) is located in Gallup, New Mexico at 255 South Boardman Dr. The Facility employs on average, 55 staff members.  This includes correctional officers and administrative staff. 

The McKinley County Adult Detention Center (MCADC) is a 328 bed, long and short term facility, that houses inmates who require detention placement.  The facility is committed to providing the best possible service to all inmates and the General Public that we serve.

The McKinley County Adult Detention Center (MCADC) operates under the mission and oversight of the Jail Authority Board (JAB).  The Jail Authority Board consists of both McKinley County and City Government Officials.


The mission of the McKinley County Detention Service is to ensure that we provide a safe, secure, and professional envi­ronment through accountability and dedication in perform­ing our day to day correctional duties.


The vision of the McKinley Adult Detention Center is to move towards a safe and secure environment through accountability, leadership, and partnership with all Public Safety agencies.

Contract Services

The McKinley County Adult Detention Center works with all Correctional Agencies in contracting bed space at a negotiated price that meets specific terms and needs.  This includes Federal, Local, State and Tribal agencies.