Bureau of Elections


The Bureau of elections is part of the County Clerk’s office. Marlene Custer, Manager of the Bureau of Elections and her staff members serve as neutral parties in running elections, providing all McKinley County voters the means to vote.

Registering to Vote

Citizens may register to vote at the County Clerk’s office by signing an affidavit and filling out a form with basic information. Voters must be registered at least twenty-eight days before an election.

Election Notices

About fifty days in advance of an election, legal election notices are placed in local newspapers. The election is also advertised closer to the election date with radio announcements and posters in public places. Information is also distributed by voting coordinators in Navajo and Zuni.

Casting Your Ballot

Citizens can call the Bureau of Elections at 800-245-1771 to find out where to vote or get answers to any questions they may have about the voting process.

The State of New Mexico recently adopted a paper based voting system which allows qualified electors to cast their ballots on a Paper Ballot for Absentee, Early and Election Day Voting. This system provides a "voter verifiable paper record" that can be used for auditing proposes. For the first time in over 50 years the State of New Mexico is using a uniform voting system.

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