The Procurement Department is the central buying agency for McKinley County, and is responsible for the Procurement of all goods, services and construction services in accordance with New Mexico State Statutes and the McKinley County Purchasing Ordinance.

The Procurement Department also administers the Purchasing Card and Fleet Card programs for the County, and is responsible for the disposition of Surplus Property.


The Procurement Department’s goal is to provide the County with the required goods and services in the most cost effective manner while maximizing the value of public funds, and at the time and place necessary to ensure that the County provides the public timely and quality service.


The procurement function involves the procurement of goods, materials, supplies, equipment, and services at the lowest possible cost consistent with the quality needed for the daily operations of various County departments. The department’s ultimate goal is the promotion of the county’s best interest through proper planning and fair dealing with vendors to obtain maximum value for each dollar expended.

We believe in open, unrestricted competition through a transparent process to ensure a procurement system of quality and integrity.

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