Where are the Delinquent Mobile Home Tax Auctions held?
They are held at the county seat (courthouse) or another place designated by the county treasurer's office in counties where the properties are located. In McKinley County, most auctions are in the Commissioner's Chamber on the 3rd floor of the McKinley County Courthouse Building, 207 W. Hill Ave, Gallup, NM.Delinquent Auction Information

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1. What steps must I take as a mobile home owner before selling, moving or trading in a mobile home?
2. What if I don’t have a title or registration for my Mobile Home and I need tax clearance?
3. Do I still need to pay current year taxes if the mobile home is staying in the same location but only the name is changing on the title?
4. What steps must I take to change the status of my manufactured home from personal property to real property (taxed as a permanent structure)?
5. I have a manufactured home. In order to refinance it and the land it sits on, I was told by the finance company that I must deactivate the title. If this is so, what do I have to do?
6. Who is responsible for property taxes when a mobile home owner rents the property or the lot?
7. Do I still pay current taxes if my Mobile Home is destructible and I have not lived in it this year?
8. Why are County Treasurers selling mobile homes?
9. How many years of delinquent taxes must be owed before the county treasurer can sell a mobile home?
10. What gives the County Treasurer's Office the authority to cross into private property to serve a demand warrant for the delinquent taxes when the property owner is not home?
11. If I did not receive a tax bill, how do I know that I owe taxes on my mobile home?
12. What types of payment are accepted at public auction sales?
13. What determines the amount of the minimum bid on a mobile home?
14. Are there additional fees at M.V.D. when I take the paperwork over there?
15. Where are the Delinquent Mobile Home Tax Auctions held?
16. When does the county treasurer's office conduct delinquent mobile home tax sales?
17. How can an interested purchaser bid on mobile homes offered at tax sales?
18. Does the county treasurer's office provide interested purchasers with title information (deeds, mortgage, liens etc.) before a tax sale?
19. If I’m trading in my Mobile Home, who pays the current tax year? Does the Mobile Home Dealer or I?
20. Is there a right of redemption for former owners?
21. Where can I find copies of the Motor Vehicle Code or the Property Tax Code?
22. I sold my mobile home, why am I still getting a tax bill?