Programs & Services

Emergency Medical Services

All McKinley County fire stations provide emergency medical services with ambulance and rescue transport services available at strategic locations and Medflight services available out of Gallup. According to Bill Woolman, 92% of the fire station runs involve emergency medical services.

Emergency Rescue Services

All twenty-one of McKinley County's fire stations also provide emergency rescue services including vehicle extrication for vehicles stranded by floods or mudslides and livestock rescue for cattle stuck in cattle guards.

Fire Suppression

Firefighting services are available throughout McKinley County twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days per year. Firefighting personnel are on call, and each fire station has a distinct pager tone. Typical firefighter response from home to the fire station is two to three minutes.

First Responders

About 75 of McKinley County's 350 volunteer firefighters, including all those classified as Firefighter 1, also have received 100 hours of First Responder training. There are also 52 EMTs and EMTIs with between 180-360 hours of training and two Paramedics, which have two year degrees. Every Rescue Truck carries at least one trained First Responder. McKinley's First Responders also serve as reinforcements to fight forest fires on wild land, depending on the jurisdiction.

Fleet Maintenance

Three full-time mechanics in the Fire and Rescue Department provide maintenance services for the McKinley fleet of vehicles, including all Sheriff's Department vehicles.

Hazmat Team

McKinley County provides services in the form of both money and equipment to help support the Gallup Hazmat Team to ensure the ability to respond to emergencies involving hazardous materials.