Narcotics Division

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The Narcotics Division is a specialized unit responsible for all aspects of investigations involving illicit drug activity that affects our communities in McKinley County. Crimes committed by both drug dealers and those addicted are a high priority for this office.

As such, the deputies assigned to this unit are highly trained and motivated to make a difference in our battles against drug dealers and the poisons that they sell. These specialized investigators are armed with the latest training and techniques to conduct operations.

Distribution and Manufacturing

One of the major focuses of the unit is targeting the upper levels of the drug dealing operation, such as those involved with the distribution and/or manufacturing of narcotics. We employ interdiction strategies aimed at stopping the transportation of drugs like fentanyl, Meth, and Suboxone into the county. We also know that the distribution and use of TCH products by minors is a large concern for community members and are taking measures to address it.

Tips Are Essential

Narcotics investigations depend upon the vital flow of drug-related information from various sources, including those from informants, concerned citizens, Crimestoppers tips, private businesses, and other governmental agencies. This information is essential in identifying the poison peddlers and their patterns. We treat all information that we receive confidentially.

Negative Impact of Drugs

Illegal drugs have such a huge negative impact on our communities. These poisons debilitate its users morally, socially, and economically; turning the people we know and love into creatures that will remorselessly lie and steal to fuel their addictions. As a community, we lose productive and law-abiding neighbors, to a lifestyle of dependency and crime.

As parents, we lose the dreams for our children’s futures, for a waking nightmare of worry and dread. Our enforcement efforts exist to address these issues by developing strategies to counter our county’s drug-related crimes by targeting those that distribute, manufacture, and sell misery in its many forms.

Federal Cooperation

We work with Federal Agencies such as the D.E.A., HIS, (Homeland Security), FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations), and the BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs). Their investigations have spanned from New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and Texas and have been tied to the east and west coast as well as Mexico.